In Alpha Phi, we believe the bonds of sisterhood are something that can never be broken. As a sister of Alpha Phi, you are a member of an international group of women that will become your forever friends. Alpha Phi creates an environment where each member can contribute her own unique perspective and personality in all that we do. We constantly learn from one another and encourage each other to grow. Each semester, to celebrate and strengthen our ties as sisters, Alpha Phis participate in many fun and exciting events such as sisterhood retreats, social events, formals, and so much more.

Big & Little

During the first few weeks of a new member's Alpha Phi experience, they are paired with initiated members. Throughout these weeks, the new members spend time with their "Ivy Linkers" and get to know their new sisters better. Then, each new member is placed into a “Phi Family" which will include her big and eventually her little. At the end of the week, after receiving all of the amazing baskets, Big-Little reveal takes place and we celebrate the new Phi families.